The company

JustClassic is a one-woman company specialised in authentic Roman jewellery, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 


My background

Anique Hamelink, student and historical jewellery and dress designer. I have been studying Archaeology and Ancient History at Leiden University since 2011. I have always found the ancient Roman Empire an inspiring and somehow familiar world, especially in jewellery. I love Roman jewellery because it  is timeless, elegant and classic. 


The bling

All products offered by JustClassic are made with authentic materials and designs, based directly on archaeological source materials. Only those materials that were available and used in ancient Roman jewellery are used in our jewellery collection. This means that the designs are made with pure (coloured) glass beads and precious stones that can be found in archaeological collections and historical sources. These include: amethyst, rock crystal, carnelian, pearls and lapis lazuli.

All items in our collection are authentic and suitable for reenactment. If you have any questions about our designs or wish to order a custom piece of jewellery, feel free to contact us by sending an email to:

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Twitter: @Jsieraden
Instagram: @justaclassicromanlady